Submitted papers will pass through peer-reviewing process by the scientific and technical committees to assess their quality, originality, and their relevance to the conference scope. Submissions to the conference should be original work and have not been submitted or published elsewhere. All accepted and presented papers will be published in the journal of Trans Tech Publications Ltd.

Conference Topics

  • Renewable Energy Sources and Technologies
    • Solar energy
    • Wind energy
    • Geothermal energy
    • Hydropower
    • Hydrogen
    • Biofuel
    • Fuel cell
  • Conservation and Econnomy of Energy
    • Modern technologies and optimization of energy storage
    • Big data in buildign energy efficiency
    • Energy trading and investment policies
    • Challenges and limitations of high initial investment costs
  • Utilization of Smart Techniques and Artifical Intelligence in Energy Systems
    • Smart energy control systems
    • Decentralized energy systems
    • IoT and AI for sustainable smart cities
    • Machien learnign for sustainable energy systems
    • Intelligent energy management systems
  • Applications of Nanotechnology and Innovative Materials in Renewable Energy Systems
    • Applications of nanotechnology in sustainable energy systems
    • Conductors, semiconductors and insulation materials in energy systems
    • Performance of nanofluides in heat and mass transfer
  • Role of Energy in Sustainable Development
    • Effect of energy on enviroments and climate change
    • Carbon neutrality and net-zero emmissions
    • Green house, buildings and sustainable cities

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